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What is Studioware?

Studioware is an online/web-based application that will allow you to manage all aspects of your Studio. If your business offers classes, manages students and staff, enrolls students, or collects tuition, then Studioware is the perfect tool for you!

Studioware has all the features you need, including:

  • Add an unlimited number of students, families, staff, classes, and users
  • Online Class Enrollment that easily integrates with your website
  • Professional looking invoices that can be emailed and paid online
  • Custom Letters that can be merged and emailed to students
  • Full Accounting Module and Financial Reporting
  • And much more...Take a Tour

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Here's a quick look at some of Studioware's many features:

Studioware Main Menu
Easy To Use:
Studioware automates your business, and that saves you time and money! Studioware web-based software is intuitive and easy to use. If you can surf the web, you can use Studioware.
Studioware Signup
Rapid Implementation:
No Software to Install or Data to Backup; This state-of-the-art software stores all your information on a secure Internet/Web server. We backup your data for you! In less than a minute, you can Try Studioware Today!
Customer Service
Provide better customer service:
Offer online enrollment; Send your students, families, and payees professional invoices that can be paid online. Keep your classes full and your accounts receivable up to date! Scan barcodes on student attendance cards to take class attendance.
Studioware Customizations
Student, Staff, and Family Management:
Manage your students, staff, families, phone numbers, emails, addresses, billing information, invoices, and account balances. Studioware's software also lets you easily send emails to all students, active students, or students in specific classes.
Studioware Classes
Class Management:
Any class in Studioware can be scheduled multiple times:
  • Scheduled with different teachers / instructors
  • Scheduled at different locations
  • Scheduled at different dates/times
Studioware tracks all the enrollment and waiting lists. Create group and private classes with Studioware.
Studioware Invoices
Accounting and Tuition:
Studioware automatically calculates tuition charges, discounts, and taxes for your classes. Studioware can calculate tuition:
  • Based on the count of classes a student is enrolled in
  • Based on the number of hours of classes
  • Fixed/Static tuition for a class
  • Manually enter tuition transactions
Studioware Customizations
Create custom fields to capture additional data. Studioware allows you to create text boxes, drop-down lists, date/time fields, true/false or yes/no fields, and much more. Studioware also allows custom fields on the Online Registration pages.
Studioware Schedules
Studioware allows you to keep track of all of your staff and student schedules. Easily view a staff member's weekly schedule, reschedule or cancel class dates.
Studioware Reports
Gain better insight into the financial performance of your business with the Studioware reports. Export your student data at any time.
We are so glad to have found Studioware! Finally, cloud based software that not only is affordable, but also stands out with it's concise design and easy to use functionality. The customer service is incredible, they are very fast to find solutions and in my case even added a new feature to the software based on a recommendation. We are so thankful for all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make my job so much easier managing our studio. Thanks for a great product!
Jonathan Chatham: