Enrollment and Tuition Help Topics:

Customizing the Online Registration PageTo see a sample of a customized online registration page, please see:...[Read More]
Editing a Class FilterTo edit an existing Class Filter, follow these instructions:...[Read More]
Enrolling Students in Classes 
Enrolling Students in Classes that Already Started 
Filtering Online Enrollment ClassesStudioware allows you to Filter the classes that are displayed to your students/familes when they are using the online enrollment features in Studioware.  You can filter the classes by location, staff, or any class custom field (as long as the custom field is a "list" type custom field).  The filter can be visible so your students/families can change the values, or the filter can be invisible.  For example, if you only want to show classes at a specific location and you don't want the students/familes to change the location, you can filter by the location and make it invisible....[Read More]
How do I access the online Registration customization page?To customize the Online Registration page follow these instructions:...[Read More]
How do I add a Legal Agreement or Studio Policy to the Registration Page?Studioware allows you to create "statements" that the students/parents must agree to in order to complete the Online Registration. The "statements" can be legal agreements, studio policies, payment policies, cancellation policies, and more....[Read More]
How do I add additional student fields to the Registration page?Studioware allows you to collect additional student data from the Online Registration pages.  Studioware contains predefined fields that can be populated and it also allows you to add any custom student field....[Read More]
How do I change the text on the Registration Page?The Studioware Online Registration page allows you to add, edit, and delete text that appears on the page. There are 8 different "text-areas" that can be manipulated:...[Read More]
How do I change the tuition amount displayed on the online enrollment form?Consider this common scenario:...[Read More]
How do I show or hide the registration type?With the Online Registration pages, Studioware allows you to specify the Registration Type.  The registration type appears as follows:...[Read More]
How do I show/hide addresses, emails, or phone numbers on the Registration page?Some studios want to capture a student's mailing address.  Some studios do not need the mailing address.  In United States of America, the students can enter in their State, such as New York.  In Canada, the students will enter in their Province, such as Ontario. ...[Read More]
Online Class Enrollment NotificationsStudioware can notify you by email when a student/family enrolls in a class using the Online Class Enrollment.  To setup the online class enrollment notifications, follows these instructions:...[Read More]
Online Enrollment SampleStudioware allows you to integrate online class enrollment directly in your web site.  This help article demonstrates how your students and families will interact with your online enrollment pages....[Read More]
Online Services - Business PortalComing soon...[Read More]
Setting Up Online EnrollmentStudioware allows you to offer online class enrollment on your website. The process of setting up online enrollment involves indicating which classes are available for online enrollment, followed by adding a link from your website to the online enrollment website....[Read More]
Tuition Fee ScheduleThe tuition fee schedule functionality within Studioware allows you to specify how much monthly tuition will be charged to students based:...[Read More]
Tuition Fee Schedule - Family CalculationsIf you use the Variable Class Tuition (also called "Hourly" Tuition), you can change how the tuition is calculated for families.  There are 2 options available:...[Read More]