Tuition Fee Schedule

The tuition fee schedule functionality within Studioware allows you to specify how much monthly tuition will be charged to students based:

  • on the number of weekly hourly classes the student is enrolled in or the number, Or,
  • the number/count of classes a student is enrolled in.

Studioware offers 3 types of tuition for classes: Full tuition, per lesson tuition, and hourly tuition. The Tuition Fee Schedule only applies to students enrolled in variable classes.

To set up the Tuition Fee Schedule, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on "Administration" in the main toolbar.
  2. Click on "Tuition Fee Schedule" on the side menu.  The user interface is divided into 3 sections:
    • Tuition Fee Schedule: This section contains the basic instruction to setting up the tuition fee schedule.
    • Tuition Fee Type: This section allows you to specify if the Tuition Fee Schedule will be based on the hours of classes or the number/count of classes.
    • Tuition Fee Schedule Amounts: This section allows you to specify the hours/week (or the number/count of classes), and the monthly tuition amount.
  3. Click on the "Configure the Tuition Fee Schedule Type >>" to specify if the Tuition Fee Schedule is based on hours or based on number/count of classes:
  4. Click on "Add Fee Schedule Item".  Enter in the number of hours, number of minutes, and tuition amount:
    Alternatively, if your Tuition Fee Schedule is configured for the number/count of classes, select the class count and enter in the tuition amount:
  5. Continue adding additional tuition fee items:


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