Customizing the Online Registration Page

Studioware allows you to customize your Online Registration form. Studioware allows you to:
  • Add text, images, and html to any part of the online registration page using our online editor.
  • Show or hide sections of the registration page such as "Allow additional family members", or addresses.
  • If Additional Family members is enabled, the family members can be entered in the registration page using a pop-up window, a list, or an accordion list.
  • Additional student fields such as Allergies, Medications, Birth Date, and more can be shown or hidden.
  • Any student custom fields can now be added to the online registration page.
  • Legal agreements, such as "Release of Liability", "Payment Policies", "Assumption of Risk", and more, can be added to the online Registration Page.

To see a sample of a customized online registration page, please see:

Please feel free to register with our fictitious "ABC Dance Studio"!

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