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Attendance ScanningStudioware allows your students to scan attendance cards to take enrollment.  With Studioware, you can produce Student Attendance Cards (which contain a unique barcode for every student) which can be scanned with a simple barcode scanner....[Read More]
Automatic Tuition?Here's a common question we get from studios:...[Read More]
Bar Code ScannersThe barcodes on the student attendance cards (and invoices) are compatible with many barcode scanners.  Specifically, you will need a barcode scanner that will scan "3 of 9" barcodes, "2 of 5" barcodes, and "interleaved 2 of 5" barcodes.  These types of barcodes are categorized as "1D" (or one-dimensional) barcodes. ...[Read More]
Basic Edition ChangesStudioware comes in 2 editions:...[Read More]
Business InformationThe Business Information screen displays your current business name, and it allows you to upload a logo (which is displayed on invoices)....[Read More]
Development RoadmapWe are constantly adding new enhancements to Studioware every month.  Many of the enhancement that we include in Studioware come from suggestions from our customers....[Read More]
Enhancement ListView Studioware Help Center Table of Contents...[Read More]
FeaturesClosed Classes have a specific start date, stop date, meeting dates/times, location, and instructors. Closed classes are the most common type of class....[Read More]
How do I cancel my Premium Edition subscription?Canceling your subscription can be done at any time.  To cancel your subscription, follow these instructions:...[Read More]
How do I change the currency symbol?You can change the currency symbol that Studioware shows when it displays financial information. The designated currency symbol will also be displayed on all reports and invoices....[Read More]
How do I schedule an extra class?Suppose you need to schedule an extra class because the student need more time to practice.  In Studioware, it's easy to schedule an extra class and optionally add an additional tuition charge to the accounts of the enrolled students....[Read More]
How do I signup with the Premium Edition of Studioware?Signing up with the Premium Edition of Studioware is very easy.  You can easily switch your Free Basic Edition account to the Premium Edition account by following these instructions:...[Read More]
How much does Studioware Cost?Studioware by QuestWare, LLC has always strived to make the highest quality software at the lowest possible price.  However, due to increased costs associated with server/computer hardware, bandwidth, backup storage, and support, we will be increasing our monthly price for the Studioware Premium Edition. ...[Read More]
How to Advertise Your Dance Studio on Google.This article is brought to you by Studioware:...[Read More]
Logon IssuesIf you are having issues logging onto Studioware, please follow these steps:...[Read More]
Parent Portal EnhancementThe Parent Portal has been enhanced to include many new features, including:...[Read More]
Phone SupportStudioware offer phone support for a nominal fee....[Read More]
Private TrainingGetting started with any new software program can be overwhelming;  That's why we created the Studioware Help Center to help you get started!  The Studioware Help Center will answer all of your questions.  However, if you need a little extra help getting started with Studioware, we are here to help....[Read More]
Running a School Based BusinessRunning a school based business is difficult! Whether your running a Dance School, Music School, Martial Arts school or a Yoga School, you need to deal with Students, Staff, Classes, Schedules, Tuition, Attendance, Enrollment, Waiting list, and more....Selecting the appropriate software to help you run your business is critical. ...[Read More]
Setting up monthly payments for a multiple-month classHere's a common scenario in Studioware:...[Read More]
Setting up TwilioThere are a couple of manual steps that need to be completed if you purchased your own phone number directly in Twilio instead of through Studioware....[Read More]
Studioware "Sticky" FieldsThere are many fields in Studioware the "Remember" their previous value.  We call these fields "Sticky" fields.  These sticky fields are remembers even if you close your browser, or shut down your computer. ...[Read More]
What is the Studioware "100% Satisfaction Guarantee"?If at any time you feel that is not providing the value you expect, we will happily refund the balance of your last payment and switch you back to the free Basic Edition....[Read More]