Invoice Status

Studioware tracks the status of all invoices. An invoice starts with a "Created" status and ends with a "Pif" (Paid in Full) status. An invoice can have many different statuses between "Created" and "PIF". The list of potential invoice statuses are:

  • Created

    The invoice has been created. It has not been sent or printed. There have been no payments on the invoice.

  • Sent

    The invoice has been sent electronically to the payee.

  • Printed

    The invoice has been printed and mailed to the payee.

  • Viewed

    The electronically sent invoice has been viewed by the payee. The ability to view invoices online is under development.

  • Disputed

    The payee has disputed the invoice. View the invoice history for more information. The ability to dispute an invoice is under development.

  • Cancelled

    The invoice has been cancelled.

  • Partial

    There was a partial payment made on the invoice. The invoice still has an outstanding balance.

  • PIF

    The invoice has been paid in full.