Invoices Help Topics:

Batch InvoicesBatch invoices allow you to create invoices for all students in your school.  In general, with Batch Invoices, you specify the start date and stop date, click on the "Create" button, and Studioware creates all the invoices....[Read More]
Cancel an Invoice 
Create a Student Invoice Studioware contains extensive functionality to create and track student invoices. Student transactions are accumulated in the student (or family) accounts and can be placed on invoices. The invoices can be printed and mailed to the payees or emailed to the payees. The invoices can contain a "Stub" that the payees can return with their payment. ...[Read More]
Entering Invoice PaymentsIf a student, family, or Payee pays for an invoice in person, or mails a invoice payment to your place of business, you need to record the payment.  There are a number of different ways to record a payment, however, it's important to remember:...[Read More]
Invoice History 
Invoice Layout 
Invoice ListThere are many functions that can be performed on the Invoice List screen:...[Read More]
Invoice SettingsInvoice

...[Read More]
Invoice Status Studioware tracks the status of all invoices. An invoice starts with a "Created" status and ends with a "Pif" (Paid in Full) status. An invoice can have many different statuses between "Created" and "PIF". The list of potential invoice statuses are: ...[Read More]
Online Invoices SetupWith Studioware, you can allow you students, families, or payee to pay their invoices online:...[Read More]
Printing Invoices Studioware constructs the invoices into Adobe PDF format and displays the selected invoices in your browser. To view the PDF invoices, please download and install the latest Adobe Acrobat PDF viewer: ...[Read More]
Sending an Invoice 
Why are my invoice statuses changed to "created"?