Custom Letters Help Topics:

Creating a Custom LetterCustom Letters are simple to create.  To create a custom letter, click on "Communications" in the main menu and "Custom Letter" in the sub-menu....[Read More]
Creating and Configuring a AccountCreating and configuring a account is an easy process.  To get started, follow these instructions:...[Read More]
Email ProvidersStudioware works with most email providers. If a email provider allows for SMTP access, then Studioware can communicate with the provider....[Read More]
Email Setting: I would like to use this account to send emailsWhen Studioware sends an email (either an invoice or a custom letter) on your behalf, there are 2 ways that Studioware can send the email:...[Read More]
Email SettingsIf your web site is hosted by GoDaddy, please use the follow settings for your email configuration...[Read More]
Merge Custom LetterThe process of merging a custom letter is very simple and involves...[Read More]
Sample Custom LettersThis article contains the code for a sample student and staff letter.  To create the sample letters, follow these instructions:...[Read More]
Studioware Custom LettersCustom Letters allow you to email important information to students, staff, student contacts, or student payees.  For example, you could create a Student Custom Letter that contains a list of all classes that a student is currently enrolled in.  Or, you could create a Student Custom Letter that contains a list of unpaid invoices which could be sent to Student Payees that have an outstanding invoices.  Finally, you could create a custom letter that details a staff member's weekly schedule....[Read More]