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Add or Schedule a Class?Studioware Basic/Free and Premium Edition allow you to create an unlimited number of classes.  After a class is defined, the class can be schedule multiple times, with different teachers, dates, times, and enrollment....[Read More]
Class ExplorerThe Class Explorer allows you to see your classes in a hierarchical manner.  That is, you can view your class list and group the list into meaningful sub groups. ...[Read More]
Class FilteringClass Filtering is an optional feature that allows your students and parents to quickly and easily find classes.  With Studioware Class Filtering, you can specify one or more class filters, such as filtering by location, staff member, or any custom class field....[Read More]
Class ListThe class listing shows your classes, scheduled classes, class date/times, class capacity, teachers/instructors, current enrollment count, and current waiting list count.  Next to each class are "Action" links that allow you to manipulate the selected class.  For example, the action links include:...[Read More]
Class Roll ReportThe Class Roll Report lists all the students in a class, and all the dates the class meets.  This report can be used to keep an attendance list. ...[Read More]
Class Tuition TypesStudioware supports 3 different types of tuition calculations for a class:...[Read More]
Collection a deposit from PayPalStudioware allows you to collect a payment from students/families during online enrollment.  You can specify any amount to collect, including a partial payment, or the whole tuition payment.  Studioware also allows you to apply an "early-bird" discount if a students enroll before a predefined date/time....[Read More]
Configuring Class Online EnrollmentTo configure the additional settings for online class enrollment, follow these instructions:...[Read More]
Creating a Class 
Creating a Private Class with Fixed TuitionTo create the private class, follow these instructions:...[Read More]
Creating custom fields for classesStudioware allows you to create custom fields for classes.  The custom fields for classes enable you to apply categories for classes.  For example, you could create a list custom fields to specify the age group for a class (8 - 10 years old, 10 - 15 years old, 15 or older), the class type (beginner, intermediate, advances, tad, jazz, ballet, ...), or the class session (Summer session, Summer Camp, Fall Session, ...).  You can create as many custom fields for a class as needed....[Read More]
Dropping a student from a class There are 2 ways to drop a student from a class. ...[Read More]
Family Member Discounts 
Hourly ClassesThe newest feature in Studioware allows you to define "hourly" classes.  Students enrolled in "hourly" classes are NOT automatically charged tuition transactions when they enroll in class.  Instead of automatic tuition calculations, Studioware uses a Tuition Fee Schedule lookup table to determine the amount of tuition to charge when you decide to post your hourly tuition....[Read More]
How do I add a financial transaction to all students in a class?Suppose, for example, you need to apply a financial charge to all the accounts for students enrolled in a certain class.  For example, you need to charge the students in a class a fee for the purchase of a costume.  To accomplish this, follow these instructions:...[Read More]
How do I delete a class?To delete a class, follow these instructions:...[Read More]
How do I rename a Class?To rename a class, follow these instructions:...[Read More]
How do I set the class custom value?Setting a value for a class custom field is easy with the Class Explorer.  Here's how you set a value for a class custom fields....[Read More]
Multiple Class Discounts 
Paid-In-Full Hourly TuitionHere's a common question we get at Studioware in regards to the hourly/variable tuition:...[Read More]
Removing a Class Session Studioware allows you to delete class sessions. To delete a class session, follow these instructions: ...[Read More]
Scheduling a ClassTo schedule a class in Studioware, follow these instructions:...[Read More]
Setting up Class Tuition and Payment SchedulesStudioware allows you to define multiple tuition items for a single class. Furthermore, each tuition item can have its own payment schedule. For example, suppose you are creating a class called "Introductory Class". Assume that this class charges a tuition fee for the class and the students are required to purchase a book too! In this example, there are 2 "tuition items" for the class: the actual tuition and the cost charged to the student to purchase the book....[Read More]
Tuition Calculations 
Types of Classes