Tuition Fee Schedule - Family Calculations

If you use the Variable Class Tuition (also called "Hourly" Tuition), you can change how the tuition is calculated for families.  There are 2 options available:


  • Option 1: Studioware can calculate the tuition for families based on the total number/hours of classes for all the family members. That is, the sum of the count of classes (or hours of classes) for all family members will be calculated and found in the Tuition Fee Schedule. This option will only create 1 tuition transaction for the entire family.
  • Option 2: The tuition calculations for members of a family will be independent. That is, each student in a family will get a tuition transaction added to the family financial account based on the number (or count) of classes each student is enrolled in.


To change how Studioware performs the family calculation for variable tuition classes, follow these instructions:

  1. Log onto Studioware
  2. Click on "Administration" in the main toolbar
  3. Click on "Business Information" on the sub-toolbar
  4. Click on "Tuition Fee Schedule"
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Change how tuition is calculated for Families" to make your selection.