Email Setting: I would like to use this account to send emails

When Studioware sends an email (either an invoice or a custom letter) on your behalf, there are 2 ways that Studioware can send the email:

  1. Studioware can send the email from your email account
  2. Studioware can send an email from it's own email server

There are several advantages and disadvantages to each method:

You first preference should be to send the email from your account.  Studioware will connect to your email server and send the email.  The problem with this technique is that many hosting web sites place a quota on the number of emails you can send from your account.  For example, many web hosting companies only allow you to send a maximum of 300 emails per day.  Check with your Web Site and Email Hosting company to verify if they impose email quotas.

If your web host company does have quotas, you can un-check the setting "I would like to use this account to send emails", and Studioware will send your emails using it's internal email server.  There is no email quota if you use Studioware Email server.