Adding a Student

We tried to make the process of adding a student as fast and simple as possible. There are only 3 required fields to add a new student: First Name, Last Name, and Student Status. The location of the student (for multi-location businesses) is a optional field.

Other Required Fields...

Please note that you may see other required fields when adding a student. Studioware allows you to add custom fields. These custom fields can be created in such a way that they are displayed when adding a student. Furthermore, custom fields can be set as required fields. Therefore, if you see additional fields that are required when adding a student, they are custom fields.

To add a student, click on the "Students" link in the main menu. Next, click on "Add Student" in the sub menu. After you have entered the new student's information, click on the "Save" button. The student will be saved and you will be re-directed to the list of students.