How to Advertise Your Dance Studio on Google.

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I was recently looking to enroll my youngest daughter into Ballet lessons.  So I did what millions of people do: I went to and typed in "Dance Studios".  A list of dance studios were displayed, but what I was surprised to find is that one studio actually took the time to set up Google Adwords.  Notice in the screen shot below, there is one studio "Darlene Ceglia's Dance" that is listed under "Sponsored Links".  I thought that was very interesting; It definitely "caught my eye" and made me remember the name of the Dance Studio.




Next I realized that my daughter was going to need ballet dance shoes.  Again, I turned to and typed in "Ballet Dance Shoes".  WOW, was I surprised....there it was again!  While searching for "Ballet Dance Shoes", I was presented with advertisement for "Darlene Ceglia's Dance".  I thought that was fantastic.  I immediately explored the web site, contacted the studio, and enrolled my daughter in the Ballet lessons.



I was so impressed that "Darlene Ceglia's Dance" advertisement was presented to my twice in a manner of a couple of minutes, I started wondering why other dance studios were not using this technique.  Because Darlene took the time to advertise on Google, she got my business.  Dance studios are very competitive, and anything you can do to stand out in the crowd is a great idea.

This help article shows you how to create a advertisement on Google for your dance school, target a geographical area, and add keywords.  Don't worry....if you don't understand the terminology (adwords, geographical targeting, keywords), this article will step you thought the entire process.

 Although the title of this article is called "How to Advertise Your Dance Studio with Google", the article could have been called "How to Advertise Your Yoga Studio with Google", or "How to Advertise Your Martial Arts Dojo with Google".  That is, the same principals of this article apply to any "school-based" business.

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