13. Student Invoices

Studioware allows you to create invoices that can be printed and mailed (or emailed) to students, families, or invoice payees. The transactions on the financial accounts are used to create the invoices. By default, when creating an invoice for a student or family, a single invoice is created. However, Studioware allows you to define additional payees and specify the percentage of invoices that the payees are responsible for.

To get started creating the invoices, first consider this example. Assume a student named Donna Patterson has enrolled in the class "Ballet for Students". Furthermore, assume that Donna's parents are divorced and will be sharing the responsibility of the invoices. In this scenario, the student Donna has 2 contacts with distinct mailing addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses:


Since Donna's parents will be sharing the invoices, you need to designate the parents as payees and assign them each 50% responsibility for invoices:


To create an invoice for Donna's financial transactions, please follow these instructions:

  1. With the student data record open, click on the "Invoices" option. The list of current invoices will be displayed:
  2. Click on the "Create Invoices" button. Select the Start Date, Stop Date, and Due Date for the invoices. The Invoice Note and Invoice Terms are set in the settings (select "Administration" and "Settings"):
    Create Invoice
  3. Click on the "Create Invoice" button. Any transactions from the financial account that are between the start and stop dates (including transaction on the start and stop dates) will be included on the invoices. After the invoices have been successfully created, the invoice list is displayed:

    In this example, please note that 2 invoices have been created for the same date range. One invoice was created for Tina Andrerson and the other invoice was created for Don Patterson. Two invoices were created because the student has 2 payees. Studioware will always create an invoice for each payee. If the payee percentages do not add to 100%, Studioware will create a student (or family) invoice for any remaining percentage.

    Also note that Studioware keeps track of the status and history of each invoice. Newly created invoices initially get the status "created". This indicates that the invoices have been created but have not been printed or emailed to the payees.

  4. To print the invoices, select the desired invoices to print by placing a check-mark next to the invoice and clicking on the "Print" button.


    The printed invoices will be displayed as PDF files in a new browser tab or window. Similarly, you can email the selected invoices to the payees by clicking on the "Send" button.

  5. To enter a payment on a invoice, select one ore more invoices from the invoice grid and click on the "Enter Payments" button. Enter in the amount of the payment, the payment method, and a note and click on "Save Invoice Payment". A "Payment" transaction will be recorded in the financial account:


    Please note that as you perform "actions" on invoices (such as printing, emailing, canceling, payments), the invoice status will automatically change:

Paid-in-Full Invoices?

Obviously, you want your invoices to be Paid-in-Full. Studioware uses the status "pif" to indicate if an invoice has been paid-in-full. There are 2 ways that you can find invoices that are NOT paid-in-full:

  1. The "Outstanding Invoices" report will list all invoices that have an outstanding balance and are past their due date. To access the "Outstanding Invoices" report, click on "Reports" in the main menu, followed by "Financial Reports" in the sub-menu. The Outstanding Invoice report appears as follows:
    Outstanding Invoices

    Notice that this report contains the number of days outstanding, the original invoice amount, the summation of any payments applied to the invoice, the outstanding balance, the payee name, and the payee phone number.

  2. The second way to find invoices that are not paid in full is to filter the invoices. To filter the invoices click "Accounting" in the main menu and "Invoices" in the sub menu. This will display all the invoices in a grid. You can use the "NOT paid in full" filter:
    FiltersCreate Multiple Invoices

    If you need to create an invoice for every student, Studioware offers a convenient way to accomplish this:

    1. Click on "Accounting" in the main menu.
    2. Click on "Invoices" in the sub menu.
    3. Click on "Create Invoices" and follow the on-screen instructions.