How do I add a financial transaction to all students in a class?

Suppose, for example, you need to apply a financial charge to all the accounts for students enrolled in a certain class.  For example, you need to charge the students in a class a fee for the purchase of a costume.  To accomplish this, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on "Accounting" in the main menu.
  2. Select "List of Accounts" from the sub menu.
  3. Select "Accounts Receivable" from the Accounting Options.
  4. Select "Show all accounts for students in the class..." from the filters drop down menu:
  5. Select the name of the class, and the scheduled class date.  Click on the Select button:
  6. All of the accounts for the students enrolled in the class will be displayed.  Select the student accounts from the list that will receive the financial charge:
  7. Click on "Add Transaction" to add a transaction to all of the selected students.
  8. In our scenario, we are adding a "Purchase" transaction to the selected student accounts to indicate that the students must purchase a costume for a dance recital:
  9. Click on the "Save" button to create the transaction in the selected accounts.
  10. The transactions will be added to the student's accounts.
  11. You can communicate with the students that new transactions where added to their accounts by emailing a custom letter.