Student Grid

The Student main menu displays a list of all students that have been created for your business

Note: The students are displayed in a grid a page at a time. For example, if you have 30 students created and you display 5 at a time, there will be 6 pages of students:

Student Grid


If you click on the "Balance" column, you will see the list of student's with the highest outstanding account balance. If you click on the balance column again, you will see the students with the lowest balance. Similarly, if you click on the "Last Pay Date" column, the students will be sorted by the date they made a payment on their account. You can use these sorting methods to quickly find students with high account balances or delinquent payments.

To select a student in the grid, simply click on the row in the grid. The row in the grid will turn blue for the selected student. With the selected student, you can: