Parent Portal Enhancement

The Parent Portal has been enhanced to include many new features, including:

New Main Toolbar:

Navigating in the parent portal is now easier with a new toolbar:














Enhanced Classes:

Now it's easier to find classes offered by your business, and see which classes have vacancies.  There are 4 different views of the classes offered by your studio:



My Enrollment

Students and parents can now see their current enrollment, completed classes, waiting list, and class schedules:




Contact Information

Student contact information, such as student names, phone number, mailing addresses, emergency contacts, email address can be updated in the Parent Portal





Students and Parent can see their recent financial transactions and make online payments at any time.  Previously, an invoice needed to be created in order to collect an online payment, however, with this enhancement, an invoice does not need to be created for student/parents to make online payments:






The Parent Portal now displays a list of invoices and their current status:



and invoices are now conveniently previewed with the web browser and can also be downloaded as a PDF: